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Hello SevenStrokes: Building websites … a little differently

A few months ago, Chris Paplinski, Nathan Charrois, Kaushal Inna, Andre Brokman, Kelsie Rose and I, Dion Moult, gathered to create a company. Today, we would like to present to the world: SevenStrokes. SevenStrokes is a web development company but with a few key differences. Firstly, we see websites as a service, not a product. […]

Separating the core application from the delivery framework with Kohana

This post is about developing web applications that don’t depend on the web. MVC is probably the most popular architecture for web applications. But what’s interesting about MVC is that it’s not actually an architecture meant for your core application. It is merely a delivery mechanism. With this in mind – a well developed application […]

GetKDE.org – the workspace, and what’s going on.

Some updates. Both for newcomers to GetKDE.org and those who have seen this project before, see the homepage, the explore page, and then finally, the page I’m writing about. Homepage has been updated too: And explore page updated too. Hope you like it. I have to apologise for only having the time to work on […]

The Open Source Nature

Some people have heard things like “open-source”, “freeware”, “hacker etiquette”, etc. However, a lot of people are doubtful about it and this is mostly because they don’t understand it fully. I have decided that for today’s post, I will shed some light on the background behind open source culture. Yes, there is such thing as […]