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Still alive

Today I was reminded about the lack of activity on my blog and on WIPUP, so tonight amidst my other projects I have sat down and I’m here writing. The last post was back near the end of my first semester, first year in architecture at the University of Sydney. Since then I’ve spent a […]

Tech tip #4: Copy a random set of files from a directory.

More for archival purposes than anything, today I wanted to copy some songs out of my serious mess of a music "collection" onto my microSD card. I didn’t want to have to choose and I haven’t rated my songs so that wouldn’t help. Instead I wanted a random selection of songs. I’m not a bashmaster […]

A little math probablility problem.

I was originally planning tomorrow to post the new Perspective Magazine for you to ogle at (distribution on Friday!) but I shall delay that and you shall be rewarded for waiting with a PDF you can download of the magazine. Ooh. Instead tonight I had some free time (because tomorrow I shall be skiving school […]

The end is nigh!

You know the end is nigh when October ends. You know the end is nigh when you have an idea blockage and instead perform a medley of short compositions. You know the end is nigh when you dress up as an Ipod commercial for Halloween. You know the end is nigh when 9 people are […]