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A Beaglebone, a Blender, a Board, and a Swarm.

Hardware isn’t generally my thing. When it comes to software, I like to break and create. But in my opinion, hardware should just work. But even though that’s another story altogether, it did explain my apprehension when I greeted the UPS guy one morning delivering a BeagleBone Black. Let’s begin with the BBB. It’s a […]

WIPUP 21.02.10 released and out in the wild.

WIPUP is a way to conveniently share progress on your projects. Given the mix of solutions used before such as work-in-progress forum threads, blog posts, mailing lists and microblogging, we’re creating a flexible and friendly solution to answer the question “what’s up?”. People focus so much on the finished product they ignore the beauty of […]

WIPUP on Trac

Yesterday saw a burst of activity as far as WIPUP commits were concerned, but most importantly I’ve said goodbye to the proprietary Assembla project management tool we were using before and set-up our very own in-house service "Trac", courtesy of our lovely host. Trac’s main use is in ticket tracking – a way for users […]


The ThoughtScore project is another gypsy on my to-do list along with the BMR. It seems as though the world of 3D graphics and I are drifting slowly apart. It’ll be such a pity to let it go, so I want to make a serious effort and continue the amazing progress I once had on […]

Progress on Eadrax

Even though me blabbering about project Eadrax doesn’t seem to interest most people (see: 0 comments on previous 2 posts) and it seems as though nobody has responded (yet) on the mailing list, I do not consider it a total failure. I’ve decided to share just how much data you can actually gather from taking […]

Pre-alpha Eadrax Testing Begun!

…and we’ve begun (officially) the pre-alpha testing for Project Eadrax. All testers should have received several emails with relevant information. Actually, due to a slight muckup in the setup, you got spammed a little with one too many emails. Sorry, won’t happen again. To give this post a bit more depth, I would also like […]

Final call for Eadrax testers.

Hello–sorry for the rather short post today but exams are very nearly done with (Will be finished by Thursday afternoon!) and then Project Eadrax will start moving along full speed, and ThoughtScore will too be seeing some appearances. Yeah so as I’m quite busy no big post for today. However, this is the final call […]

ThoughtScore Scenes 1-5 Sneak Preview

The ThoughtScore Project has made crazily slow but steady progress over the past few months. But those watching the Twitter feed would have noticed that I’ve spent a lot more work on it recently, mostly being re-renders and overnight-renders. Of course, with the ability to use Blender¬†on my phone work has sped up considerably. The […]

A little (re)introduction to POSE2 and ThoughtScore

OK, it’s Penguin Day again! Those who have been spying via the ¬†Twitter feed would’ve noticed quite a few feeds formatted as a Git commit as well as some references to project ThoughtScore and POSE2. I do believe I’ve talked about those two projects of mine before, but always pretty vaguely. So I’ve decided to […]

ThoughtScore Updated!

Ahh! ThoughtScore! The finest of all my projects (the slowest, too). Well, it’s been updated! View the ThoughtScore update! You know you want to check it out. Note: the update is my last post on that page. The first post was a pretty old update. You can also check out pages 1 and 2 of […]