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Clean code, and how to write it

Note: the article was originally circulated on #cleancode and #kohana on Freenode and is now recorded here as an archive. It seems very useful as something to link people to on IRC when they have questions, so feel free to share as well. At SevenStrokes, we practice Clean Code. Although code speaks louder than words, […]

Application design polish.

Free software is great. Everybody loves free stuff. However there’s one common flaw experienced by a lot of free software – they look ugly. The reason behind this isn’t because we have too many programmers (yes, we know you never have enough programmers) and have too little artists – no, the problem is a lot […]

WIPUP 19.03.10a released!

WIPUP is a flexible and easy way for people to share, critique, and track works-in-progresses. Every month, the WIPUP website gets synchronised with the Git repository hosting the code. It wasn’t long ago at all since the February sync was performed (21.02.10) and since I’ve been having mock exams that generally means I have a […]

Make a category not considered as a post in WordPress

In other words, how do you make posts that are in a certain category not count towards total page post count in WordPress? A while back I set up Asides on this blog. The problem was that previously I was displaying 5 posts per page. Now with asides it still displayed 5 posts per page, […]

Beware of Google.

Google is, actually, one of my top three disliked companies. The other two are Microsoft and Adobe. Why I dislike Microsoft and Adobe is a post for another day, but today I would like to talk about Google. Believe it or not, I will explain this without ONCE saying any personal bad experiences with Google’s […]

A Little 21 Fun with C++.

Given the recent love I’ve shown to a great deal of languages, including but not limited to making a text editor with Python (Ssss!), challenging your manliness with LaTeX (what real men useā„¢), and most recently a tribute to a great deal of languages that all mesh together in the most wonderful way in “How […]

How to Make a Website Part 1 – The Environment

Creating a new website from scratch into the next killer web-app is always tough, but the journey there can always be a fun one, given that your workflow is right, you know what you aim to achieve, and you’ve got the right tools for the job. I’ve decided to document the creation of The E2 […]

A Little Python Fun

When I last touched Python, I wrote a snippet to steal the latest comic off xkcd.com. Like most of the things that I do (this only applies to individual projects, not teamwork), there are long breaks until I make any progress. Probably it’s because I multi-task too much. At the same time, I never run […]

Learn how to make a basic website framework.

This will teach you how to setup one page for all pages! So it’ll be a lot easier when changing layouts! Not only that, say GOODBYE to /index.php?page=contact…now you can just have /contact without actually making the directory! This will ALSO teach you how to have a site which you can easily switch version (like […]