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Architecture Portfolio Walkthrough, Year 1, Semester 1

A while back, I announced that holidays had started (well, now officially they have, just handed in my last assignment today) and that I was going back to all my projects and blogging more. The latter, obviously, was a complete failure, but hopefully this picture-filled post (all 20 of then, oh yes) will make up […]

Back in business

The past month and a bit has been terribly hectic, working on our last pieces of our various projects and preparing for portfolio submissions which happened on Monday and yesterday. Sleep had been lost, excessive eating out due to time constraints, and in general all other projects slowed down to a crawl. Now, however, the […]

One project finishes construction, another starts.

Blog posts are getting a little r- wait a minute- oh, there haven’t been many blog posts! This of course doesn’t mean I’ve been lounging around doing nothing, but probably means I’m doing more since I’m not clearing out the random gunk that accumulates in that little hole in my brain. Anyways, firstly the project […]

Portfolio 2010 Finished.

One of the universities I applied to required a portfolio and so I took some time off to collect some of my works and put it together. Most, if not all of the works included are all created using open-source software (Blender, GIMP, Scribus, QCAD, Lilypond and LAMP setups). Those who track my WIPUP profile […]

Of Portfolios and Bins.

I generally prefer to release something whenever I update, but some times it’s just not possible :( That VisionBin Release took up a lot of my time, and I needed a quick break, so in a nutshell, we’re getting soe more visitors, some new accounts, new creations (take a look), and only some minor problems […]

VisionBin – A Tool for Creative People

Just really amazing. Visionbin is a tool for creative people, for what you are, and what you do. This is our latest creation, and we hope it will benefit you all. Click here to visit VisionBin.com OK. That’s a big release. I’m going to take a nap now.