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Showing your activity: a plasma widget hack

I like activities. However there are a couple gripes I have with its implementation. The first is how to switch from one activity to another. Apparently there are at least 7 ways to switch activities already, but all of them fail to simultaneously satisfy two criteria: 1) Being accessible via a keyboard shortcut and 2) […]

The kde-www war: part 3

Just a quick history lesson. In the introductory post we highlighted several tell-tale symptoms that KDE.org had a very big usability and design problem. In part 1 of the war, we discussed a back-to-basics question what are we trying to communicate, what are we trying to achieve, and outlined goals for our various target audiences. […]

How do you use your desktop?

Imagine a computer system that was semantic. For those unaffiliated with this concept, this is similar to having your computer understand you as a human would. This is often easier to explain through examples. For example, when you click that spot on the screen, that’s because you want to achieve something. The computer understands what […]