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WIPUP 25.07.10 beta released.

What began as a project motivated by the Open Collaboration Services API has really come a long way since it began as a concept submission to KDE’s openDesktop competition. This project was a unique concept for people to share and record what they were working on. Not about showcasing your latest creation – no, rather […]

Using WIPUP – a practical example.

Even though WIPUP still needs time to mature (as well as it’s still very incomplete as of writing) as most of the basic functionality is up I wanted to show a practical example of what it is. WIPUP is my idea for my OpenDesktop competition submission as well as my stepping stone into KDE development. […]

My OpenDesktop Competition Submission: Wipup

Folks from PlanetKDE last heard me announcing my journey along the path to become a KDE developer. There are many ways to do this and unfortunately the path that involves learning a load of C++ and start developing applications is still making slow but steady progress and not (yet) eligible for public announcement. But – […]