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Sydney revue coming up from the architecture faculty!

As some might remember, I was involved in a Sydney revue last year by the university of Sydney architecture faculty as the musical director. It was called Game of Homes (a shameless pun on the Game of Thrones series). Not only was I involved with music, it also gave me the wonderful opportunity to create […]

Best background music ever.

From Orisinal: Morning Sunshine: wget http://www.ferryhalim.com/orisinal/g3/carrot.swf emerge -av swftools swfextract -s 31 carrot.swf -o carrot.mp3 mplayer -loop 0 carrot.mp3 Or replace with any other Orisinal song :) Note: -s 31 depends on the sound index number, which may be different – do swfextract foo.swf to check.

Holiday plans.

This coming Sunday (25th) the first WIPUP beta version will get released. I’ve been working hard to ensure that this first beta truly will be feature-complete and bug-free. I was quite delighted this morning when I found a few Brazillian game developers had tried out WIPUP (and a few of its live-only features succesfully) for […]

Playing a song as a background process in Windows

Sometimes you ask yourself how to do cool things like playing a song in the background (ie. no visible interface or application) upon login on a Windows box. Being completely unfamiliar with using DOS I wasn’t quite sure how to go about doing this, but apparently it was quite easy. So here I am documenting […]

Evan interpretive score released.

Remember Evan? No, not the guy – the piece. The piece named after the guy. That piano piece. Yeah, the one I composed almost 8 months ago. The one I never announced I had finished composing. The reason is partly because I didn’t finish composing it. I slapped on a makeshift ending to wrap it […]

Free, legal music for all.

Recently searching for some new music to liven up my aging playlist I stumbled upon a web radio called Libre.FM. No. I lied. I stumbled upon it a good several months ago. However it has recaptured my attention. Libre.FM is, like the name suggests, similar to Last.FM. Libre.FM, like the name also suggests, has something […]

Sibelius, Finale, Cakewalk? Real men use Lilypond.

Some of the old-timers on this site might recognise the title’s startling similarity to the introductory article I wrote about LaTeX. I received some questions on how I created the music sheet in the previous post about my upcoming composition, Evan, and the answer is: with Lilypond. As you’ve probably guessed already, Lilypond is a […]

Composition in progress: Evan

I’ve been doing composition again! School has started and that means that it’ll be difficult again to keep up with the rest of my interests. I’m quite happy to say that I’ve managed to keep the post-every-two-days going for a while, with each post actually announcing something significant that has occurred or something I did […]

A little introduction to MP3s

Hello there readers. Today I present to you yet another guest post by NathanKP from Inkweaver Review – please take some time to check out his website. What is an MP3 and how does it work? An MP3 is a file specifically designed for storing music. The term MP3 stands for MPEG layer 3 audio, […]

Back to rock your world

Yes, I’m quite literally back from my month long excursion around the world! I will post about that another time, but I’m jet-lagged and tired because my A levels will be starting in a short while. So, I believe it’s time to let you do the work. (I know you love my stuff, but I […]

Music Composition: The Spice of Life

It’s that time for my third of three music compositions. This one featuring a wonderbar double bass player and myself cranking on the piano a jazzy snazzy tune to brighten up your day. I would suggest you pile up the volume for your bass otherwise that double bassist is going to be quieter than that […]

Music Composition: “From Midnight Until Dawn”

Since quite a lot of people enjoyed my first composition “Surprises”, I’m going to post up my second composition. (Now recorded with proper stuff, not my phone). This is a duet between piano and violin. Again, I composed the whole piece myself, and I am the piano player. For this piece I was going for […]

Music Composition: Surprises

As many people know (wow, ego flaring!), I do animation, artwork, graphics design, programming … and also, music. To be honest, the main reason online people don’t know I do music is because I never bother to record myself playing. However, suffice to be said that I play the piano, violin, and I do music […]

Music Jam – This is my banana!

Many people like to have session they call “jamming” where their friends meet in in a stereotypical basement, grab some drums, a guitar or two, some microphones, and probably an electronic keyboard. Using that as a guideline, some friends and I decided were bored one day, and met up in a tiny room (think bathroom), […]