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Installing Gentoo on Android with chroot

Note: recently edited 8th Nov 2014 Installing Gentoo in a chroot alongside Android is easy, so if you already use Gentoo and have an Android phone, there’s really no reason why you shouldn’t do it. With a ginormous phablet like the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and a bluetooth keyboard, you can get a super-mobile full […]

The browser wars: side with Opera.

I have used many browsers. Firefox. Safari. Chrome. Rekonq. Arora. Konqueror. Epiphany. Dillo. Right down to Lynx and friends. All of their pros and cons, and some are more suited to specific purposes. However I did find a mostly unloved and underpresented browser underneath the big three (Firefox, Safari, Chrome) – and that browser is […]

The state of vendor lock-in on handheld services?

In this day and age it seems as though the word smartphone has replaced (or at least become synonymous with) the traditional phones we grew up with. These devices try to tackle the usual on-the-go services: PIM, messaging, casual browsing, multimedia and social networking. However with this is also an attempt to lock users into […]

Top 10 Windows Mobile Applications

If you followed my previous post about making the most of the Windows Mobile experience, your Windows Mobile phone should already have a slicker interface, seem faster, have new features, be touch friendly as well as feel much more intuitive all around. Needless to say that was the vital first step to getting your money’s […]

Making the most out of the Windows Mobile Experience

If you so happen to own a Windows Mobile phone or played with one before, there are likely to be many things that you find rather terrible about it. What with the iPhone, Android and Palm, it’s no surprise that Windows Mobile deserves to be shunned to a shameful corner in the market. However what […]