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Application design polish.

Free software is great. Everybody loves free stuff. However there’s one common flaw experienced by a lot of free software – they look ugly. The reason behind this isn’t because we have too many programmers (yes, we know you never have enough programmers) and have too little artists – no, the problem is a lot […]

Marketing noise or marketing contribution?

I follow a few feed planets here and there. For the unitiated (few), a planet is an aggregation of blog feeds, normally filtered by topic so that interested readers can get the scoop from multiple sources from as central location. An interesting point which crops up once in a while is what determines whether or […]

Bingo, sir.

If you haven’t heard of buzzword bingo, you should be thankful for the job you have. Buzzword Bingo is an iteration of bingo where your card’s grid is filled with buzzwords instead of card numbers. But what are buzzwords, you ask? Buzzwords are words that come and go in fashion for people to use when […]