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Installing Gentoo on Android with chroot

Note: recently edited 8th Nov 2014 Installing Gentoo in a chroot alongside Android is easy, so if you already use Gentoo and have an Android phone, there’s really no reason why you shouldn’t do it. With a ginormous phablet like the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and a bluetooth keyboard, you can get a super-mobile full […]

DraftSight: a free and cross-platform alternative to AutoCAD

Whilst Linux is an excellent system for programmers, it’s certainly a little wanting for people who deal with creative graphics. There are tools like Krita, GIMP, Inkscape, Blender and Digikam and so on to help fill this gap, but one area which isn’t talked about so often are CAD tools. As an architecture student and […]

GetKDE.org – the workspace, and what’s going on.

Some updates. Both for newcomers to GetKDE.org and those who have seen this project before, see the homepage, the explore page, and then finally, the page I’m writing about. Homepage has been updated too: And explore page updated too. Hope you like it. I have to apologise for only having the time to work on […]

GetKDE.org progress – Discover KDE!

For the impatient, here is a link to the new page, and for those who missed the last post, here is a link to the GetKDE.org homepage. Finally, here is a screenshot of the newly added Explore page: The homepage of GetKDE is essentially a hub with a teaser. The site structure itself is split […]

What’s up with KDE.org & Hello GetKDE.org

It’s been a while since I last posted about KDE.org, aka the KDE-www war series. It talked about the current KDE.org design, and how to improve it. The series started with target audiences and conversion goals, picked apart and restructured the sitemap, revealed an initial design proposal with clear-cut priorities, and finally analysed the effectiveness […]

The kde-www war: part 4

A brief history lesson. The introduction identifies KDE.org as a wall of text with a pretty frame and explains why there is a problem. Part 1 sets conversion goals on our two target markets. Part 2 restructures the sitemap to make sense. Part 3 dabbles a bit on concluding the design criteria for the homepage, […]

The kde-www war: part 3

Just a quick history lesson. In the introductory post we highlighted several tell-tale symptoms that KDE.org had a very big usability and design problem. In part 1 of the war, we discussed a back-to-basics question what are we trying to communicate, what are we trying to achieve, and outlined goals for our various target audiences. […]

SLUG Feb monthly meeting

Being completely new to Australia and since Malaysia doesn’t have any sort of open-source community whatsoever I searched around for a linux/blender/open-source group when arriving. I found SLUG, or the Sydney Linux User Group. They hold monthly meetings, and though I was unavailable to join their January meeting, I did manage to join the February […]

The dust has settled.

A while back, I got myself a VPS from JohnCompanies. Previously I had been under a shared hosting account by OpticEmpire (I still use them for some of my sites). I chose to use a VPS for the convenience of having a personal server to run your little life-hacks, for the learning experience as I […]

Ubuntu 10.04 LTS (Lucid Lynx) – packed with goodies.

Just because I use Gentoo doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate a little Just Work ™ once in a while, and from what they’d like people to believe, Ubuntu apparently does just that. You’d be a fool to argue that Ubuntu doesn’t play a vital part of the Linux ecosphere, and so despite my customiserish nature […]

Tech tip #4: Copy a random set of files from a directory.

More for archival purposes than anything, today I wanted to copy some songs out of my serious mess of a music "collection" onto my microSD card. I didn’t want to have to choose and I haven’t rated my songs so that wouldn’t help. Instead I wanted a random selection of songs. I’m not a bashmaster […]

Why is Chrome OS going to be successful?

People reading this post who know a little about Chrome might point at the title of this post and consider it a typo – it should read why isn’t Chrome OS going to be successful? I wish that this were true. Chrome OS is Google’s attempt at an operating system, and can be described as […]

My OpenDesktop Competition Submission: Wipup

Folks from PlanetKDE last heard me announcing my journey along the path to become a KDE developer. There are many ways to do this and unfortunately the path that involves learning a load of C++ and start developing applications is still making slow but steady progress and not (yet) eligible for public announcement. But – […]

The Google Operating System – Chrome.

Read Google’s original blog post about it. That’s right, my conspiracy theory about Google (orignally posted a good month back) has come true, and it’s going to be out there around late 2010. Brief summary: Google is making an operating system (Linux-based too) with help from the open-source community that focuses on getting the user […]

Setting up SSH to work whilst at college.

Well, if you’re out and about quite a bit and you run a Linux computer at home, you should have a good relationship with SSH. If you’ve never felt the need to access your home computer remotely, this is what you should do. For those that don’t know what SSH is, it is basically a […]

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