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Architecture’s existential crisis

Four posts ago, I took a break from the usual technical and on-going project posts, and instead went on a four part spree talking about Architecture. In particular, I tackled the question of Architecture’s existential crisis. It talks about issues about discipline and professionalism (actually inspired by Bob Martin’s similar talks in the software industry), […]

I’m sick and tired of this ebook nonsense.

No. I like ebooks. At least the concept. I would love to be able to read books in beautiful, standardised print similar to that produced by LaTeX, on any device, on any screensize, without any problems like math reflow, images, and usage of ridiculous fonts. Oh, and DRM too. But that’s hell in itself. But […]

Sibelius, Finale, Cakewalk? Real men use Lilypond.

Some of the old-timers on this site might recognise the title’s startling similarity to the introductory article I wrote about LaTeX. I received some questions on how I created the music sheet in the previous post about my upcoming composition, Evan, and the answer is: with Lilypond. As you’ve probably guessed already, Lilypond is a […]

Word Processing? Real Men use LaTeX!

Step right up! This article is technophobe friendly, relatable, and contains hardly any made up words! And it makes you go away thinking “What the hell was I on about?” You remember the epiphany you had when you were sitting down with notepad when somebody said “What are you, crazy? Use Vim!” The very word […]