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Hello SevenStrokes: Building websites … a little differently

A few months ago, Chris Paplinski, Nathan Charrois, Kaushal Inna, Andre Brokman, Kelsie Rose and I, Dion Moult, gathered to create a company. Today, we would like to present to the world: SevenStrokes. SevenStrokes is a web development company but with a few key differences. Firstly, we see websites as a service, not a product. […]

How to solve the big Internet problem.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, the Internet is full of trash. When I say trash, I don’t just refer to websites and data, I mean people. The Internet has a startlingly similar effect to drugs – its addictive and makes people act like idiots. As you’ve probably already guessed from the […]

The Euphemism Website – the failed idea.

One of the websites I always wanted to make was a Euphemism dictionary. It would be pretty similar to urbandictionary in terms of concept and allow user-defined euphemisms for common insulting phrases. This would thus prevent us racking our brains every single time we wanted to come up with another creative way of saying “my […]

Good riddance, Twitter.

Twitter has successfully put the “Twit” in “Twitter”. Some people realised that I apparently vanished off the face of the Earth on Twitter. I realised that I used Twitter in a way that was better served through other methods. I followed people/groups in order to keep up with tech news, and mainly “tweeted” in order […]

Is your ISP causing slow Internet?

Note: this article refers to Malaysia but can be used for any ISP in any country. Rightio. Malaysia. Truly Asia: Country that brings together cultures from all around the world. Country that is rising in development and other fancy shmatts. Country that leeches all its internet from Singapore’s undersea cables. TM.net, TMNET, TMnet, Tm.net, tmnet […]

History of the Internet

A short note by Dion Moult: Hello there readers! Today I present to you a guest article by none other than a guest writer – namely Nathan from Inkweaver-review (link below). If you want your article to be published on thinkMoult, simply drop me an email and we’ll have a chat :) Today the Internet […]