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Architecture’s existential crisis pt 3: Goals, ethics, and the people element

In part 1: Architecture is not a Profession, I outlined architecture’s distraction with competitive theories rather than acting as a professional discipline and serving society. In part 2: The Foundations of Architecture, I talked about what architecture is currently based upon, and how to unify these into a governing framework that encompasses all architectural ideologies […]

Architecture’s existential crisis pt 1: Architecture is not a profession

A while back (half a year ago), I planned to attempt to solve architecture’s long-lasting “existential crisis”. I thought of creating a framework where people could understand what a theory was and how to generate new ones. The more overarching goal was to look at architectural theories in a positive and constructive light, rather than […]

History of the Internet

A short note by Dion Moult: Hello there readers! Today I present to you a guest article by none other than a guest writer – namely Nathan from Inkweaver-review (link below). If you want your article to be published on thinkMoult, simply drop me an email and we’ll have a chat :) Today the Internet […]