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Zygomatic Studios design: an experiment in one-page animated layouts

Recently I did a front-end proposal for Zygomatic Studios. They’re an animation company started up by Erik Kylen and I’ll be maintaining their website. Given that I knew them, I had some freedom to experiment. For an animation firm, the website itself had to be showy graphically somehow. I ended up making the entire page […]

The GIMP metal wires and abstract background tutorial.

Every WIPUP release, an abstract art splash image is created to commemorate it. Whenever I create one of these my preferred tool of choice is The GIMP. Although in many ways The GIMP isn’t as "powerful" as Photoshop, I still manage to do stuff I’d like to do with it. My recent splash image used […]

When an image is stuck in your head…

… you fire up The GIMP and whack it down. It isn’t the full image, but I don’t think I want to share the full image. Or if you’re interested in zmobies: I’ve really always wanted to try this style. Large scale version is available on the WIPUP update. I will be having mock exams […]

The making of Perspective

Perspective is my school’s magazine of which I’ve been the designer last year. Though the old team has moved on and I’m no longer associated much with it, such releases have remained as an archive online. Mainly because I like the open-source ideology I’ve produced the magazine primarily using FOSS tools – such practice is […]

Perspective July 2009 Released

As many people know, I am the layout editor of my school’s “Perspective” magazine. It is a student run organisation and this will be the last issue I design before I hand over my role to the year below (it’s a yearly thing). I am happy and proud to announce what I believe is the […]

Another Perspective Preview

…and here I am for yesterday’s blog post with a quick new preview on the Perspective magazine: the centerspread. Lots of things going on, progress on Eadrax being made, my cousin, his wife and baby were staying over for a while, and I’m going on a monday-friday camp/trek/survival next week, so this’ll likely be one […]

Perspective in progress

I had skipped my last scheduled blog post because things have been busy. One of those busy things involves the Perspective magazine, which I last touched way back in February. The last time I mentioned it, I also shared my feelings about the workflow. Between that time and now, there has been one Perspective issue, […]

Another little poster done.

My previous post was about the creation of a rather typographic poster for our graduation ball. Unfortunately it was rejected – you know, something to do with the fact it had no pictures in it. So I was requested to make another one, so I did – and now the page will just look like […]

GIMPup a Webdesign #2.

Despite the fact I’m smack in the middle of my mock exams…or should I say “slack in the middle of my mock exams”…I’ve decided to make a generic webdesign. You know, just to keep me on my toes. This one has an utter lack of creativity, and is probably your stereotypical design found on the […]

GIMPup A Webdesign

Seem as though The GIMP has finally gotten on my list of “Awesome Applications”. That list is basically all the stuff on the computer which I know I cannot live without. They already include Vim, Blender, Apache, MySQL, PHP …. etc – but I’ll save that for another post. All of the applications I use […]