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Competitive weight loss with WeightRace.net

So last year (or perhaps even the year before, time flies!) two people close to me participated in a friendly weight-loss competition. To do this, they used WeightRace.net. WeightRace is a small web application I built a while ago for fun, which allows up to four contestants to compete towards a weight goal which they […]

Tech tip #7: Using PlayOnLinux to run applications already installed by vanilla WINE.

RTS is an acronym for real-time strategy. It’s a game genre. There’s a classic RTS game known as StarCraft. Although only a casual gamer (say, might I recommend Machinarium?) I have played (and somewhat enjoyed) a few more "hardcore" games – like for instance, StarCraft. Although being pretty pathetic at it, I did enjoy it […]

ADOM: Game review.

I’m not a gamer. I don’t mind playing games, they’re fun. However I don’t see any sense in wasting a good majority of my day playing a game. Games attract me because of the intellect and flexibility within them, not so much the advance in graphics. Replay-value is probably what I weigh as most important […]

A Little 21 Fun with C++.

Given the recent love I’ve shown to a great deal of languages, including but not limited to making a text editor with Python (Ssss!), challenging your manliness with LaTeX (what real men useā„¢), and most recently a tribute to a great deal of languages that all mesh together in the most wonderful way in “How […]

Real Life: A Review by GameSpot

Useful information stuff: Doing 640-816 and 70-647 prepares one for 70-271 as well as 70-293 and PMI-001, as well as saves time, by exempting one from 70-294. I don’t usually condone game reviews but this one certainly caught my eye. GameSpot Review: Real Life (9.6/10) P.S. Sorry about the lack of updates – I’m working […]