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Migration from GoDaddy

No doubt anybody with a domain name online has heard of the infamous GoDaddy. Whilst I’ve been dutifully spending time away from the computer this holiday, I’ve kept a close eye on the SOPA act as well as registrars’ reactions towards it. GoDaddy already has horrible customer service, horrible products, horrible interface, horrible advertising … […]

Plans for E2-Productions.com to turn into a personal cloud?

Alert! Alert! Buzzword! Yes, before we start, let’s clear up with what I mean when I say "personal cloud". A personal cloud is a web-accessable system which centralises the function of common web 2.0 services, which may or may not be social. For those that aren’t familiar with this jargon, web 2.0 services are those […]

Free, legal music for all.

Recently searching for some new music to liven up my aging playlist I stumbled upon a web radio called Libre.FM. No. I lied. I stumbled upon it a good several months ago. However it has recaptured my attention. Libre.FM is, like the name suggests, similar to Last.FM. Libre.FM, like the name also suggests, has something […]

Chrome in the Clouds: The Google OS

If you read my initial post about Google Chrome (the OS, not the Brow- wait a minute, is there even a clear distinction anymore?) you would have realised that I didn’t really give opinions on what I felt about it but instead  how I visualised it to be. I believe in designating some mull-over time […]