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I find life hilarious, really.

This isn’t the first time I’ve made that outrageous claim but I really, really do. I do so much that I want to write about it. A random stroll down the street at 6AM each morning reveals yet another lovely little detail that our crazy synergy has produced. The reason that detail exists? Because we’re […]

The economics of technology

The long-term success of a company is caused by its people. The long-term success of a product is caused by the producers. Consumers are not the cause of success, they are a symptom of success. That was the ideaology I got into a debate with my friend the other day. I was pro and he […]

When you vomit food for thought.

Today I felt like letting my mind run free and vomiting my thoughts onto the keyboard. Enjoy. Sorry if the post seems a little unstructured, but that’s how my mind works. An interesting discussion cropped up the other day concerning Economics. One of the fundamental rules in economics that (most) goods have an inverse price-quantity […]