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WIPUP.org – aiming small

Today I wanted to talk a bit about the birth and objectives of WIPUP – a subject I haven’t really revealed before. WIPUP, for those who aren’t already familiar with it – is an open-source web application I created which allows people to document, share, track, and critique their works-in-progresses, or in short, WIPs. The […]

WIPUP 27.06.10a released!

It’s super, it’s amazing, and it’s released. It’s WIPUP 27.06.10a. For the uninitiated,¬†WIPUP is a flexible and easy way for people to share, critique, and track works-in-progresses. To quote some random person, this release truly brings out the “hey, it’s like a working site now“. This release sports super fancy upgrades courtesy of my schedule, […]

WIPUP now supports video updates!

Well the Eadrax code (what WIPUP runs on) has always supported updates with video attachments but the live WIPUP site never got to see it in action due to the server not having ffmpeg (video swiss-army knife) installed and playing nice with the latest codecs, permissions, and whatnot. Over the past few days our lovely […]

WIPUP on Trac

Yesterday saw a burst of activity as far as WIPUP commits were concerned, but most importantly I’ve said goodbye to the proprietary Assembla project management tool we were using before and set-up our very own in-house service "Trac", courtesy of our lovely host. Trac’s main use is in ticket tracking – a way for users […]

After the WIPUP release, the stats are in.

Unless you have short-term memory loss you would remember about a week ago WIPUP 14.01.10 was released. One of the major features of this release was a working and presentable stats section in the account dashboard. Generating statistics is a rather intensive operation on the webserver and would be overkill to have it happen daily, […]

Dogfooding WIPUP

I’ve mentioned dogfooding a few times already: it is the process where the developer uses their own creations, thus duplicating the role as a consumer as well as a producer. It’s good practice – because if you don’t trust your own ideas, the chances are that it’s a bad idea in the first place. Even […]

My OpenDesktop Competition Submission: Wipup

Folks from PlanetKDE last heard me announcing my journey along the path to become a KDE developer. There are many ways to do this and unfortunately the path that involves learning a load of C++ and start developing applications is still making slow but steady progress and not (yet) eligible for public announcement. But – […]

The Eadrax Dashboard

Project Eadrax, one of the main things I’ve been dedicating my time to nowadays is currently stalled. This is because to continue we really need a design. Unfortunately our designer promised more than he could deliver and it’s been a waiting game for quite a while now. He asked to be given one more week […]

Progress on Eadrax

Even though me blabbering about project Eadrax doesn’t seem to interest most people (see: 0 comments on previous 2 posts) and it seems as though nobody has responded (yet) on the mailing list, I do not consider it a total failure. I’ve decided to share just how much data you can actually gather from taking […]

Pre-alpha Eadrax Testing Begun!

…and we’ve begun (officially) the pre-alpha testing for Project Eadrax. All testers should have received several emails with relevant information. Actually, due to a slight muckup in the setup, you got spammed a little with one too many emails. Sorry, won’t happen again. To give this post a bit more depth, I would also like […]

Final call for Eadrax testers.

Hello–sorry for the rather short post today but exams are very nearly done with (Will be finished by Thursday afternoon!) and then Project Eadrax will start moving along full speed, and ThoughtScore will too be seeing some appearances. Yeah so as I’m quite busy no big post for today. However, this is the final call […]