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FrogCMS: a simple, clean CMS.

The other day I was looking for a CMS to run E2-Productions on. People who exclaim “what? You’re not going to engineer your own solution?” clearly have their priorities in the wrong places. If there’s one thing I learned in programming, it’s never, ever to reinvent the wheel. (unless you don’t know how wheels work […]

E2-Productions Services page updated

Just a small update for today. The services page on E2-Productions.com has been updated. I’m up again for hire on some small jobs. Some posts I have planned up that you can look forward to: I made an animated presentation with some horrendous deadlines. The “Perspective” magazine which I designed and compiled has been published, […]

Hackathon Release 2 is out!

E2-Productions.com’s release 2 is out! Lots of oven-fresh updates ready for testing! View updates here: http://e2-productions.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=5 … and you shall go forth and post comments (on the forum thread, not here)!

A Smart Registration

E2-Productions has had the registration system down for a while to stop people registering whilst the portfolio system testing was going on. The portfolio system is about 99% finished so the registration system is up again. The project system will be undergoing testing at the end of this week (Saturday) so stay tuned for an […]

Hackathon Release 1 out!

Check out more information here: http://e2-productions.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=3 Comment. (Appreciate if you comment on the forums more than commenting here, but if you really love the updates feel free to comment here too)


Well, 8 more exams. Two more weeks. Then bam on the 16th of June comes Mr. Update and his big bag of goodies! I cannot wait! I just started gathering items for my portfolio, and right now I have 10 webdesigns, and 2 artwork. This is not including the 100+ archived pictures I have for […]

Schedule Up

We’ve got a schedule up for viewing for what’s going to happen to E2 and what releases you should be expecting for after my exams. Ok, back to work for me now.


Exams coming up not that much time for updates not even blog posts so they’ll be short and rare until the upcoming 16th of June 2008 see e2-productions.com for more details! kthxbai.

Registration open.

Useful information stuff: Attempting 220-601 as well as 70-291 becomes easier for the students who have done their 646-204 and 70-649 and are preparing for their 70-620 or 642-901. Enjoy :) – Comments welcome on how you like the system.

I promised you an update:

So, firstly, you can now visit http://e2-productions.com/ and see the awesome new work-in-progress. So far all that is up is a very simple website layout, a home page with some brief information, and a resources page. Upcoming soon in the world of Moult will be some awesome updates to Cobramilk.com, including a special edit in […]


I’ve been getting all my exam results back – and they seem to be pretty decent :) Anyways, I’ve spent the last few days mainly configuring my computer, including switching over to Fluxbox as a window manager instead of Xfce, and configuring Fluxbox to all my needs, menus, shortcuts, desktops, toolbar, slit, etc. Of course, […]

…back with a tux.

The thinkMoult blog is back! (with a purpose). Before anything, you might have noticed that e2-productions.com is down. That’s because I’m fully rewriting the whole site. If you like PHP, simple webdesign, graphics, or are just interested in making a site, this is something you’d better look out for. E2-Productions is going to be built […]