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Testdriving Skydrive

For those unfamiliar with Microsoft’s answer to cloud storage, [Microsoft Windows Live] SkyDrive offers a website accessible online file manager for free. When I first tested Skydrive many years back, it only offered 5GB storage and had a clunky interface that was a horror to work with. Imagine my reaction when I heard the bozos […]

EyeOS has an Oxygen theme!

For the uninitiated, EyeOS is a free, open-source desktop implementation right in the browser. I was recently playing around with my EyeOS installation that I forgot I had installed a while back (v1.x) and like what most people do when they try out a new system, I decided to see what other themes they have. […]

Plans for E2-Productions.com to turn into a personal cloud?

Alert! Alert! Buzzword! Yes, before we start, let’s clear up with what I mean when I say "personal cloud". A personal cloud is a web-accessable system which centralises the function of common web 2.0 services, which may or may not be social. For those that aren’t familiar with this jargon, web 2.0 services are those […]

Chrome in the Clouds: The Google OS

If you read my initial post about Google Chrome (the OS, not the Brow- wait a minute, is there even a clear distinction anymore?) you would have realised that I didn’t really give opinions on what I felt about it but instead  how I visualised it to be. I believe in designating some mull-over time […]