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Marketing noise or marketing contribution?

I follow a few feed planets here and there. For the unitiated (few), a planet is an aggregation of blog feeds, normally filtered by topic so that interested readers can get the scoop from multiple sources from as central location. An interesting point which crops up once in a while is what determines whether or […]

thinkMoult blog design updated.

It’s come a long way since the original concept redesign back in the July of 2009. The thinkMoult blog has been incrementally updated probably once a month with small tweaks to the layout. The blog has been stripped originally from its (relatively) featureful edition to the bare essentials – ie. a streaming wall of text […]

WIPUP sightings!

Was happy today to find this mention of WIPUP by a Latino by the name of Gnosis VonDark – he had found WIPUP from the openDesktop submission and gave his thoughts on the bigger picture behind WIPUP on his blog. It’s in Spanish so you might want to run it through a translator. It discusses […]

The very best of thinkMoult

Well, a year has passed and it’s a great time to look back over the year and follow the tradition of mentioning the first letter of names who contributed to that awesome year – in alphabetical order of course. Not that these are the only people, but they did definitely add some flavour. A. B. […]

Make a category not considered as a post in WordPress

In other words, how do you make posts that are in a certain category not count towards total page post count in WordPress? A while back I set up Asides on this blog. The problem was that previously I was displaying 5 posts per page. Now with asides it still displayed 5 posts per page, […]

Implemented a new “Asides” feature.

As you might’ve guessed, the thinkMoult blog is not the fanciest WordPress implementation in the neighbourhood. Heck, our sidebar disappeared a while back. The site currently uses three plugins: a related posts feature, one that allows you to subscribe to comments, and finally good ol’ Akismet which likes to delete any comments that mention the […]

Botspam or loners?

I was clearing out some of the spam comments I receive on this blog when I noticed some comments were debatable. The contents of the comment were definitely related to the subject matter and some even showed a hint of legitimate interest, but they linked back to sites akin to “losebodyweightnow.com” and posted under ridiculous […]

Mass-amateurisation of the Internet

I cannot pretend it isn’t a commonly known fact that the Internet (and technology in general) has led to the mass-amateurisation of many professions – journalism has become blogging, we see photography websites, animation portals due to the advent of Flash, writers, graphic and sound artists, and of course 10 year old programmers. I recently […]

…back with a tux.

The thinkMoult blog is back! (with a purpose). Before anything, you might have noticed that e2-productions.com is down. That’s because I’m fully rewriting the whole site. If you like PHP, simple webdesign, graphics, or are just interested in making a site, this is something you’d better look out for. E2-Productions is going to be built […]