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Game of Homes – upcoming Architecture Revue

Have you ever watched Game of Thrones? I haven’t, but that hasn’t stopped me or the rest of the folks from our faculty from creating this year’s annual Architecture Revue performance. If you’re in Sydney and want to kill some time, come along and watch the show. If Australian university humour isn’t quite your thing, […]

Architecture Portfolio Walkthrough, Year 1, Semester 1

A while back, I announced that holidays had started (well, now officially they have, just handed in my last assignment today) and that I was going back to all my projects and blogging more. The latter, obviously, was a complete failure, but hopefully this picture-filled post (all 20 of then, oh yes) will make up […]

Blender 3D: Architecture, Buildings and Scenery – Review

I recently received a book on Blender 3D architecture, Buildings and Scenery from the folks over at Packt Publishing. The author is Allan Brito, those who frequent BlenderNation might have heard his name a few times. I must say, it’s a good book, and I would have no trouble recommending it to folks interested in […]

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