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Installing Gentoo on Android with chroot

Note: recently edited 8th Nov 2014 Installing Gentoo in a chroot alongside Android is easy, so if you already use Gentoo and have an Android phone, there’s really no reason why you shouldn’t do it. With a ginormous phablet like the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and a bluetooth keyboard, you can get a super-mobile full […]

Syncing Kontact with Android

I recently became the proud new owner of an Android phone, or more specifically the Samsung Galaxy S i9000. Upon purchase it was promptly rooted and had a custom rom flashed onto it. Also recently KDE 4.6 was released and after a night of compiling I was sitting at a sparkling new desktop and customising […]

Oh, did I miss something?

Rumour has it that I didn’t put a post on the 10th of November when I promised I would do a post every two days. Whoops. Well, two days ago marked the starting of what I believe would be one of the most interesting set of days I’ll come across. Suffice to say my Twitter […]