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GetKDE.org – the workspace, and what’s going on.

Some updates. Both for newcomers to GetKDE.org and those who have seen this project before, see the homepage, the explore page, and then finally, the page I’m writing about.

Homepage has been updated too:

And explore page updated too.

Hope you like it.

I have to apologise for only having the time to work on this very sporadically. Next in the to-do list is the apps page.


Plop says: (8 April 2012)

Beautiful work, congrats!

Dion Moult says: (8 April 2012)

Thanks very much for the encouragement, Plop!

Miha says: (8 April 2012)

The only thing i dislike is unrealistic graphics…

doesn’t match with Oxygen icons. It looks very unprofessional.

Dion Moult says: (8 April 2012)

Are you talking about the computer and hand silhouette? You’ll have to be a little bit more specific about your critique.

Luca Tringali says: (8 April 2012)

It’s a beautiful work, and it could be the best advertising for KDE. I think we need sites like this, to show people the beauty of KDE software.

Bac0n says: (8 April 2012)

There is one thing kde cant get right, ex. “Integrated notifications”, the view buttons. Some have paddings some dont. Alignment hasnt been one of kde strongest sides.

Dion Moult says: (8 April 2012)

Luca, thanks very much for your support. I am discussing to see how this can turn into the new KDE.org, but there are plenty of issues to overcome.

Bac0n, definitely! I was annoyed to see the “view” button just failing. That notifications really need polish. At least it’s an easy screenshot to replace.

brilliant deve says: (8 April 2012)

nice work & awesome design

I appreciate it .

Siosm says: (8 April 2012)

This is great. We really need something like that to catch geek and non-geek people attention. Keep up the good work !

Dion Moult says: (8 April 2012)

Thanks, brilliant deve and Siosm! I think I’m motivated enough to make this week a sprint on this project.

Gianvacca says: (8 April 2012)

Simply fantastic work. Congratulations

Dion Moult says: (8 April 2012)

Thanks very much, Gianvacca.

brilliant deve says: (8 April 2012)

I think getKDE.org miss (get kde software 4.8 ) like this in your design



brilliant deve says: (8 April 2012)

also Connect & Participate buttons Not working in Home page.

Dion Moult says: (8 April 2012)

Brilliant deve, the website is a work in progress. Things change and at the moment the only three pages that work are those ones. As more pages get built the appropriate links will be fixed.

brilliant deve says: (8 April 2012)

I am even really happy with only these Three awesome pages
I only made these comments as feedback just in case if you notice them.

Keep the awesome work up , :rose:

Paul Eggleton says: (8 April 2012)

Great work!

One suggestion though – at least in my browser, the small fonts are a little difficult to read and this is not helped by the fuzzy background. They probably wouldn’t have to be much larger to be improved though.

Dion Moult says: (8 April 2012)

Cheers, I’ll go and make those fonts larger in the next update.

brillaintdeve says: (8 May 2012)

we are looking forward to more update for getkde.org :)

Dion Moult says: (10 June 2012)

Hey brilliantdeve, so am I, I’ve been really busy with Real Life (TM). Holidays are coming soon though :)

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