Dion Moult Seriously who ever reads this description.

Beyond thinkMoult

Although thinkMoult is the humble lodge of my thoughts and brain dribble, I have ventured outside the “perhaps” and produced a few things in my spare time. Here is a selection of some that I was closely involved with not just technically but conceptually. These being spare time creations, they are usually sporadically updated.

The Blender Model Repository

The BMR was the second iteration of what used to be the first-stop largest 3D model repository for the open-source 3D software Blender. Nowadays with lack of development time on my end and a few other iterations out there, I am watching the Blender community from the sidelines to figure out what the BMR’s future shall be.


WIPUP was built as a tool to document ambitious, long-term projects encompassing all media types from text to video. Still in active development and being dogfooded by my ThoughtScore project, it is probably my most cared about project.

 The Beaver Exchange

A joint project between myself and students from the London School of Economics to start a free textbook exchange service.


After lots of interesting encounters with the open-source world and in particular the KDE project, GetKDE served as a method to communicate a vision as well as to communicate exactly what KDE is about anyway.


A personal animated 3D film named ThoughtScore follows the story about how one man decides to permanently ingrain all the lessons of history into our brains. Oooh.

Shit My Mouth Says

People say stupid stuff.

Here and there

I’ve dabbled elsewhere too, including:

Old and dead