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Back from Australia

I’m back from my trip to Australia and greeted with the Deepavali holiday. It was a great trip – visiting Sydney and Melbourne, my cousin’s wedding and checking out 6 universities. I met a lot of relatives I didn’t know before, didn’t know when I met them, still don’t know, and don’t plan to know. I close to perfected my mobile experience when limited to my phone and my cousin’s wifi, I learned what you could only learn about universities if you visit them, and of course the wedding dinner was (really) delicious.

I also got a Google Wave account to play with (from Marvin, whose shared interests are in the downfall of TMNet, our ISP – or an optimistic person would say the upgrading of TMNet), and will update you on my impressions later (no, I don’t have the send-invite ability yet, see the explanation, but if you do send me a kind request when I do I’ll send you an invite).

This is somewhat of a filler post as I’m quite tired and also have a lot of catching-up work to do. thinkMoult posts will resume its usual 2-day schedule. Of course WIPUP will continue development once I’ve catched up a sufficient amount. But to keep this post friendly here’s a paranoramic shot I shotted with my phone camera (hence the tiny size).

If you look closely you can spot Sydney Opera House.


p. says: (18 October 2009)

Did you play “Evan” there then? How was the response?

Dion Moult says: (18 October 2009)

Well, as I sort of ran out of time I just slapped on a crappy ending – also didn’t have much time to practice obviously. The response seemed good and I was quite happy given the circumstances, but of course, it really needed more practice.

Erik Kylen says: (19 October 2009)

awesome =)

I was a bit dissapointed about the size of the opera house when I visited sydney – so famous yet not so ├╝ber-super-special. but I really like the overall feel of sydney – bondi beach, meee like ^^

I wanna hear more about the universities you visited!

greetings from your swedish friend. take care now.

Marvin says: (20 October 2009)

That’s a nice panoramic shot. :)

Dion Moult says: (20 October 2009)

Thanks Erik and Marvin!

Sydney’s weather seems very good for me (and my hands too!). Melbourne’s seems quite undecided, it would rain and shine like a kid playing with a light switch – and not proper fully fledged rain too, more like an undecided shot from a man in a darkened urinal.

Sorry for the imagery.

I visited 6 universities in total – University of Sydney, UNSW, UTS, University of Melbourne, RMIT and Monash. 3 got eliminated, 2 got backup, and 1 obviously got first choice please please please please please.

I will maintain an air of mysteriousness.

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