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Archive for February 2015

Space architecture – a history of space station designs

To quote the beginning of the full article: “This article explores different priorities of human comfort and how these priorities were satisfied in standalone artificial environments, such as space stations.“. If you’re impatient and just want to read the full article, click to read A history of design and human factors in Space Stations. … […]

Clean code, and how to write it

Note: the article was originally circulated on #cleancode and #kohana on Freenode and is now recorded here as an archive. It seems very useful as something to link people to on IRC when they have questions, so feel free to share as well. At SevenStrokes, we practice Clean Code. Although code speaks louder than words, […]

Blender artwork: something’s not quite right

Note: extra comments here It’s not often that I show my Blender artwork nowadays, but here’s three samples that I hope you’ll appreciate. Oh look. A tree with a rock. No wait. That’s not a rock. It’s a heart. Yep, definitely a heart. Those leaves aren’t right. What is it? But wait, there’s more! I’m […]